The Internet is a beautiful place when it comes to setting your web presence so your customers can find your service or product. However, the Internet can also be a scary place to be because anyone can say anything prior to consulting you about his or her disappointment with your business. With today’s digital world, businesses have to stay ahead of various online platforms.

With the ever-changing online world, your business needs to put a high value in the way your online reputation is presented.RevuKangaroo not only allows you to take charge of your business, it allows you to navigate some opportunities for change. You can actively monitor your brand both internally and externally.

Why RevuKangaroo Helps

With the growth of social media, word of mouth has also gone digital – many people will likely do a Google search to see if your business has great reviews. For instance, if you own a restaurant, potential customers are likely to find what other people are saying prior to coming to your restaurant. Many businesses have suffered as a result of having negative reviews constantly showing up in search engines.

You have the opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive one with RevuKangaroo. Let’s take a look at an applicable example – in this scenario, John owns a plumbing business with 20 employees. He sends out a technician to attend to Mary’s clogged kitchen sinks. The technician attends to the service call and a week later, Mary’s plumbing problem reappears.   She decides to express her disappointment by leaving a negative review. What happens when someone else has a plumbing problem and wants to work with this business? They do a quick search online and find Mary’s review. If more negative reviews are compiling, it’s easy to see why any potential customer will avoid taking their plumbing requests to this company.

The benefit of having RevuKangaroo would save this plumbing scenario.

  • This business would have a chance to respond to the negative review before Mary publishes it to any review site.
  • The business owner can gain an insight into the technician’s performance by looking into his review reports. This allows the business to help the employee improve their skills and anticipate various scenarios.
  • Increased sales. When you have positive reviews, you can validate standing by your price and avoiding the discounts trap. People will pay premium prices for trusted companies.
  • Mary’s negative review would have come to the plumbing company prior to going out to any review sites. Only the best reviews go out to review sites.
  • Beat the competition with great reviews. No matter how big or small a business happens to be, people will trust a place that comes highly recommended. RevuKangaroo monitors your reviews because reviews are recommendations!

Manage your Online Reputation

Sometimes business owners feel powerless in the vast abyss of the Internet. With so many social media site, blogs, and websites, it can be daunting trying to decide where to go to control your brand. While it’s equally important to scan the web for your places that mention your business, you can manage your online reputation directly from RevuKangaroo. Gain the advantage of using a system that enables you to see what’s being said about your company and employees.

  • Strengthen the relationships between customers and employees.
  • Have an opportunity to address any customer dissatisfaction prior to having any reviews posted.
  • Directly track everything being said on the review sites from one place – even if your business has multiple locations!

RevuKangaroo helps your business drive sales and improve your online reputation. Capture positive reviews and use the reports we offer to find opportunities for your businesses’ growth.

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