postive-reviewsIt only takes one glimpse into websites like Yelp to learn that people are voicing their opinions about businesses online. When it comes to your online reputation, you cannot afford to be sloppy. At RevuKangaroo, we understand that negative reviews can really cut into a businesses revenues and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, positive reviews are a marketing tool that can go above and beyond.

Why you should take your positive reviews seriously

Reviews are a tool that advertises your business. They are a different form of word of mouth, but they’re still a digital word of mouth that affects other people’s decision-making process. Consider your reviews, as a part of your marketing and you’ll see their importance in an entirely new light. Each single review that a customer puts online is an advertisement for your business. Here’s why you should use positive reviews to your advantage:

  • Your service, or product, and business name are revealed in a detailed review. If you sell the best cookies, people who love them will sell them for you using engaging descriptions.
  • Reviews posted online increase the awareness of different parts of a business that most ads are unable to detail.
  • Increased exposure to your business
  • Mass marketing that you would otherwise not have been able to add to your marketing budget.
  • When your business name is mentioned a number of times, Google loves that. The more positive your reviews you get, the more you’ll enjoy the benefits of a good ranking.

The benefits of having positive reviews:

Nowadays, it takes a click of a button to find out if you want to buy a certain vacuum or visit a certain hotel. Research continues to prove that consumers are likely put their trust in the suggestions coming from a peer gives before they trust a commercial. In essence, people want to hear what other people who are looking for the same things have to say. RevuKangaroo understands this concept so we made it easier to push positive reviews that capture the satisfaction people get by dealing with your business. We understand that positive reviews yield amazing results:

  • When customers compare you to competitors, they’re likely to choose you if you’re the one with a higher rating.
  • The more positive your company’s reviews, the more sales you can capture.
  • Someone may not know about you, but when they stumble upon a great review, you have a new customer!
  • Positive reviews allow you to develop closer relationships with your customers. These reviewers can become your brand evangelists!
  • You can use positive reviews as testimonials that market your business.

There is no denying the way positive reviews influence customer’s buying decisions. Similarly, negative reviews leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth and can instantly turn away a potential customers. Sometimes businesses have customers who are highly satisfied, but they don’t end up leaving reviews!RevuKangaroo has different suggestions that help motivate customers to leave reviews.

Your company needs to embrace the power of positive reviews and realize that Google will rank the highest quality of reviews ahead of anything else. Why not make it a goal to get your customers to voice their positive opinions.RevuKangaroo helps your business gain advantageous reviews by using a few different methods. Negative customer experiences are handled internally before anything is publicized. This gives you a chance to create a positive experience for your customer. For the positive reviews that come in, we help you push them out to various public review sites. Our automated reporting tools help provide reports that enable you to see your businesses’ online performance both internally and externally.

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