Claiming and Setting Up Your Google My Business Page contributed.

If you do not have a Google My Business Page set up already, please do, then learn how to embed your page on your website as a next step!

Setting up and claiming your Google My Business page is essential in today’s world of SEO. If you want to ensure your small business is being found and shown in search results, completing your Google Business Page is an important first step.  (THEN GET YOUR GOOGLE REVIEWS EMBEDDED ONTO YOUR WEBSITE:

Having a well-built website isn’t enough. Even using all the proper location tags, search engines don’t always properly index your website in local search results. By claiming and completing your Google My Business Page, you are directly giving Google all the information about your business that your customers will need. This is turn gives your customers an opportunity to leave you feedback which builds your online trust and eventually continues to place you higher in search results.

Claiming Your Google My Business Page

Start by typing in your business name in the Google My Business Map.
If your business does not pop up, select “Add Your Business” and enter your details and follow the walk-through. If your business does pop up, simply click on the right business and follow the set-up instructions.

Once you’ve established your ownership, be sure to enter in all the relevant details and photos to help your customers contact you. Go through the steps to “verify ownership” to complete the process so Google knows you are a current establishment doing business. Now when you go back and “Google” your business name, you should see a nice box pop up on the right-hand side of search results with all your relevant contact information, including a clickable phone number for customers to contact you!

When setting up your Google My Business Page, Google will automatically create a Google Plus Page for your business where you can post regular updates and links to content. GOOGLE+ is going away soon, don’t bother! ?

It’s a good idea to post on your business pages regularly to signal that you are an active business. These posts also often show up in Google search results.

That’s it! That’s all there is to adding your business to Googles Directory. If you have multiple locations, don’t forget to go through this process for each individual location.

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