Want to grow your clients business using the power of online Reviews?

RevuKangaroo is the #1 review management platform for service based companies, marketers, agencies and SEO companies.

Why is RevuKangaroo so much more effective than other Review Programs?

  • Fully Integrated API drives reviews directly through the Company’s website to boost SEO
  • Complete system includes multiple automated ways to gather reviews
  • Personal employee-based reviews increase the amount of reviews (Up to 8X more reviews) and skew them positively
  • Positive reviews automatically push out positive reviews to absolutely any review sites – the sites of your choice
  • Companies get a chance to respond to negative reviews before reviews make it out to public review sites
  • Dynamic Map-based review system pulls all positive reviews from the web and places them back on company’s website with SEO designed Meta and Geo-Location data
  • Dynamic Leader Board also boosts company’s SEO while inspiring employees with friendly competition
  • All-in-one dashboard monitors reviews, gathers reportable data, enables social shares, and maximizes the value of every single review

Do your Clients’ needs to improve their star rating on Google, Yelp, Facebook, BBB, TripAdvisor,, HomeAdvisor, and many more?


RevuKangaroo can help! We provide a cutting-edge solution that easily enables you do all quickly and systematically increase your star rating.


Do your Clients’ want more reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, BBB, TripAdvisor,, HomeAdvisor, and many more?


RevuKangaroo can help! Our easy-to-use system increases the # of reviews the client will receive often by 10X or more than other review sites… and they are all going to be positive!


Agencies, web design firms and other businesses can partner with RevuKangaroo in two ways:

Agency Reseller:  Leverage RevuKangaroo for your clients, you maintain the relationship and we support you.

Affiliate Reseller: Know someone who could benefit but don’t want to manage the details? Send us the lead.


Both partnership programs come with a complete set of training and support to get you started quickly and easily. Helping grow both your client business and yours!


Does it fit my company’s offering?

Whether you want to increase your clients’ website traffic, conversion rates, closing rates or grow their SEO, presence RevuKangaroo can complement your service at an extremely cost-effective price point.











The Results

RevuKangaroo has been proven effective with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our clients can expect:

  • An increase in the number of customers who give reviews—from less than 5% to more than 20%. Some with hundreds of reviews every single month on 3rd party sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more!
  • Increase SEO value to website great improving organic rankings!
  • Most Importantly Our clients have seen Revenue increase by up to 15%


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